Proud to be selected a Main Street Iowa Community in 2008
Career, family, home . . . Belle Plaine offers a great place to come home to. Quiet street with a friendly wave . . . a place where the neighbors know your name.
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Garbage/recycling pick-up in Belle Plaine will be delayed a day due to the upcoming holidays as follows:

Thanksgiving Week – garbage pickup will be Saturday, 11/28

Christmas Week – garbage pickup will be Saturday, 12/26

New Years Week – garbage pickup will be Saturday, 1/2

If you have any questions, feel free to contact City Hall.


A reminder to Belle Plaine Residents that all property owners must keep the sidewalks abutting their property free from snow and ice.  Snow and ice must be removed 24 hours after accumulation.  Failure to do so will cost the property owner $1.00 per running foot for the city to remove the accumulation.  We appreciate your cooperation.


A Snow Emergency is in effect for Belle Plaine from 6PM today (Friday, 11/20) through 6PM on Sunday, 11/22.  Vehicles need to be removed from city streets during the snow emergency.   The parking restriction in the downtown area does not apply during normal business hours; but the parking ban for downtown remains in full force from 2am to 5am.


The boil order for City of Belle Plaine has been lifted!  Instructions to clear your water lines of non-chlorinated water is as follows:

1) Run all cold water faucets for 2 minutes to insure adequate flushing of your service line.

2) Run tub/shower on HOT approximately 5 minutes.

3) Dump all ice from any automatic ice maker.

Any further questions, contact City Hall.  Thank you.


Boil Order is Still in Effect. Repairs to chlorination system have been completed. We are now waiting on completion of a minimum of 5 positive tests for chlorine in the system. When testing is done, we will remove the boil order and issue the all clear thru nixle, the TV stations and this web site.  Thank you per Mayor Fish.


The Boil Order is still in effect.  Our new chlorine valve failed & we have been in route to Cedar Rapids for a different version.  Once the valve arrives it will take approximately 30 minutes to install & then we go thru the process to get chlorine thru our system.  We hope to be able to lift the boil order tomorrow morning.  We will send out Nixle alerts and post instructions on how to clear your pipes.

We apologize that this is taking so long but old pipes & old equipment have caused even more problems than we expected.  We are hoping to be okay by Saturday evening. (As long as the new,new valve works.)

Thanks for your patience!


The boil order is still in effect.  The chlorine line has been fixed and a new distribution valve has been built and installed.  We will not have chlorine flowing thru our entire system for probably 12 hours.  We will be testing at various sites throughout the community tonight and tomorrow morning.  We will let you know when the boil order is lifted & we will give you instructions on clearing your pipes.  AGAIN THE BOIL ORDER IS STILL ON BUT SHOULD BE LIFTED BEFORE THE WEEK END!  Thank you for your patience!


The boil order is still in effect for residents of Belle Plaine.  Recommendation continues to either boil water or used bottled water for any human consumption.  Repairs are still underway.  Once complete, hopefully tonight, it will still take time to get chlorine levels back up.  An additional update will come out as soon as water supplies are again safe.


BOIL ORDER IS IN EFFECT!  Residents of Belle Plaine are advised to boil any city water for human consumption until further notice.  Updates will follow…

Aquatic Center Season Closing Date Set – Saturday, August 22nd

The closing date for this year at the Belle Plaine Aquatic Center will be Saturday, August 22nd.  That will be the last day the pool is open for this swimming season.