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Council Minutes – January 7, 2013

Belle Plaine, Iowa
January 7, 2013

The regular meeting of the Belle Plaine City Council met on January 7, 2013 in the city council chambers with Mayor Dave Fish presiding. Present:  Garrison Reekers, James Kurovski, April McIntire, Marv DeRycke. Mary Pech was on the phone.  Also present:  City Attorney Jennifer Zahradnik and City Administration Bill Daily.

The Pledge of Alliance was recited.

Motion by DeRycke to approve the consent agenda consisting of the December 17 council minutes, bills @ $43,156.84 and the receiving/filing of minutes from: Library Board – November 27, Committee of the Whole-December 17 & Airport Commission-November 6 and December 4, second by Kurovski. On roll call all voted aye. Motion carried.

Residents Comments:  Dennis Wiese stated he felt there were some things that needed to be corrected about his tree trimming business.  Wiese stated his business is bonded and damage has only occurred once in all the years that he has been employed. Wiese said he made it right with the property owner when that happened.   Jean Vopelka complimented the City for opening a warming shelter at the Community Center after the recent snow storm.

Dan Spieker & Ross Hillsman, representatives from Nilles Associates were present to give the results of the  wastewater treatment system facility plan. Spieker stated the facility plan outlines a solution to eliminate bypassing at the wastewater treatment facility. (4) Alternatives plans were evaluated to eliminate bypassing at the wastewater treatment facility and meet the NPDES discharge limits for new pollutants of concern. (#1)  No action plan  (#2) Add treatment capacity to the exiting treatment facility (#3) Flow equalization, treatment facility upgrades, and sanitary sewer rehabilitation (#4) Construct a new treatment facility.  Discussion followed.  Nilles Associates recommends that the city proceed with Alternative #3. The estimated costs would be $2,137,000. This topic will be put on the January 21st Committee of the Whole meeting.  

Motion by McIntire to appoint Kim Purk to the Airport Commission with term expiring January 2016, second by Reekers. On roll call all voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by DeRycke to approve the renewal of Class C liquor & Sunday sales permits for the Belle Plaine Bowl, second by McIntire. On roll call all voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by McIntire to approve the Park Board’s  recommendation to execute a temporary lease agreement with Verizon Wireless with the addition of adding a 30 day clause for the City to terminate the contract and to be able to negotiate the price of the contract, second by Pech. On roll call all voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by DeRycke to approve the updated Credit Card Policy as presented, second by McIntire. On roll call all voted aye. Motion carried.

City Administrator’s Reports:

  1. 1.       Bill wanted to recognize the Public Works Department for the quick response and a job well done for the December 23rd sewer emergency on December 23rd & the snow storm on December 20/21.
  2. 2.       Bill stated that the Community Center will be a “warming center” if needed during or after storms.

Residents Comments:  None

Correspondence: None

Old Business:  None

Closed Session: Iowa Code Section 21.5(c ): Scratched.    

Mayor Fish directed Police Chief Hudson to enforce Chapter 60 Dangerous & Vicious Animals of the Belle Plaine City Code.

Motion by McIntire to adjourn the meeting, second by Kurovski. On roll call all vote aye. Meeting adjourned at 7:36 p.m.



                                                                                                                Dave Fish, Mayor



            Kaye Buch, MMC

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