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Chapter 16 – Appointments/Officers







2-16-1              Mayor – Salary
2-16-2              Councilperson – Compensation
2-16-3              City Attorney – Compensation
2-16-4              Appointments of Offices and Compensation
2-16-5              City Officer-Appointment
2-16-6              Time and Manner of Qualifying
2-16-7              Bonds of City Officers
2-16-8              Conditions of Bonds
2-16-9              Approval of Bonds
2-16-10            Filing and Custody of Oaths and Bonds


SECTION 2-16-1                  MAYOR – SALARY.    The salary payable to the Mayor of the City of Belle Plaine, Iowa, shall be the sum of $3,000.00 per annum payable in equal monthly installments. The increase shall be effective on January 1st of the year following the next Mayoral election.

SECTION 2-16-2                  COUNCILPERSON – COMPENSATION.  Each member of the City Council of the City of Belle Plaine, Iowa, shall receive as compensation for his/she services the sum of $30.00 for each and every regular and special meeting of the Belle Plaine City Council at which said Councilperson is present but no Councilperson shall receive as compensation in excess of $1000.00 for any calendar year. This pay increase will not be effective until January, 2006. The amount of compensation can be changed by a resolution.

SECTION 2-16-3                  CITY ATTORNEY – COMPENSATION.   The City Attorney shall receive as compensation the sum of $30.00 for each regular and special meeting of said City Council at which he/she is in attendance but said City Attorney shall not receive as compensation for attendance of regular and special meetings a sum in excess of $1000.00 for any calendar year. The compensation herein prescribed for the City Attorney shall be paid in addition to compensation for other approved legal services rendered for and in behalf of the City. 

SECTION 2-16-4                  APPOINTMENTS OF OFFICES AND COMPENSATION. There are hereby created the following appointed offices: Chief of Police, City Clerk, Assistant City Clerk, Librarian, City Attorney, Director of Public Works, Fire Chief, Director of Park and Recreation and City Administrator. The Council by majority vote of its whole number shall appoint all of the above officers and who by resolution from time to time prescribe the compensation of such officers and all other city employees. The appointment of a Fire Chief shall be as provided by Chapter 32 of this code.

SECTION 2-16-5                  CITY OFFICER – APPOINTMENT.   All officers of the City of Belle Plaine, Iowa, shall be appointed by the City Council.

SECTION 2-16-6                  TIME AND MANNER OF QUALIFYING. All elective or appointed city officers shall qualify for their respective offices as required by the laws of the State of Code of Iowa 2007, Chapter 63. All persons elected or appointed to fill vacancies shall qualify for office as required by State Code of Iowa 2008, Chapter 63.8 and 63.9.

SECTION 2-16-7                  BONDS OF CITY OFFICERS.  The following appointed and elective officers of the City shall, in order to qualify for their respective offices, post the following bonds:

                        1.   The Mayor shall post a bond in the penal sum of not less than $10,000.00

                        2.   The City Clerk shall post a bond in the penal sum of not less than $15,000.00.

                         3.   The Mayor Pro Tempore shall post a bond in the penal sum of not less than $10,000.00.

                          4.   The Director of Park and Recreation shall post a bond in the penal sum of not less than $10,000.00.

                         5.   The Assistant City Clerk shall post a bond not less than $10,000.00.

 SECTION 2-16-8                  CONDITIONS OF BONDS. The conditions of all bonds posted shall comply by the laws of the State of Iowa, Iowa Code 2008, Chapter 64.2.

 SECTION 2-16-9                  APPROVAL OF BONDS.  All bonds posted by elective or appointed officers shall be approved as required by statute.

 SECTION 2-16-10                FILING AND CUSTODY OF OATHS AND BONDS.  All bonds after they have been approved shall be filed and kept in the custody of persons required by statute.

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