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Chapter 17 – Rules & Procedures of the City Council





2-17-1     Council-Duties and Rules
2-17-2     Council Meetings-Time and Place
2-17-3     Council – Quorum
2-17-4     Council – Majority Vote
2-17-5     Local Purchases Policy

SECTION 2-17-1                  COUNCIL – DUTIES AND RULES. The duties of the members of the City Council shall be those prescribed by the laws of this State and the Council shall determine its own rules and course of action as circumscribed by such laws. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern all proceedings not provided for herein and the presiding officer at council meetings shall enforce and rule at all times. The following shall be the order of business for all regular meetings:

                                                (Code of Iowa, Sections. 364.2 (1) and 372.12 (5),(8))

                        1.         At the hour appointed for the meeting the Clerk shall call the roll of members and record the attendance. If a quorum be present the Council shall proceed to the business before it.

                        2.         The reading of the minutes of the proceedings of the last meeting.

                        3.         The presentation of petitions and communications.

                        4.         Ordinances

                        5.         Resolutions and notices.

                        6.         Reports of city officers.

                        7.         Reports of  the Committee of the Whole which is comprised of all the members of the City Council. The report and recommendations shall be made by the chairperson of the Committee which shall be the Mayor.

                        8.         Reports of special committees in the order of their seniority. Report shall be made by the chairperson of each committee.

                         9.         Unfinished business of preceding meeting.

                         10.       New or miscellaneous business.

                          11.       Adjournment.

  SECTION 2-17-2                  COUNCIL MEETINGS – TIME AND PLACE. The City Council shall, by resolution from time to time fix the dates of its regular meetings; adjourned and special meetings may be held at such times as the Council may direct, or as may be legally convened by the Mayor. If a conflict arises with a regular scheduled meeting for whatever reason the meeting shall be rescheduled at the proceeding meeting for the following day.

 SECTION 2-17-3                  COUNCIL – QUORUM. A majority of the Council shall constitute a quorum to transact business.

 SECTION 2-17-4                  COUNCIL – MAJORITY VOTE.  No resolution or ordinance except as specifically provided by law shall be adopted without concurrence of a majority of the whole number of members elected to the Council by call of the yeas and nays which shall be recorded.

 SECTION 2-17-5                  LOCAL PURCHASES POLICY. The City of Belle Plaine hereby adopts a policy of giving consideration to purchasing goods or services provided by private enterprise from a locally owned business within the city or county which offers such goods or services if the cost and other considerations are relatively equal. Nothing in this ordinance shall be construed to prevent or prohibit the giving of a preference to businesses owned or operated by minorities or females as may be provided in any other provision of law, all as authorized by Chapter 23A.3, Code of Iowa 2007.C

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