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Chapter 49 – Public Dance Hall Regulations





3-49-1     Purpose
3-49-2     Definitions
3-49-3     Duty to Provide Security Person
3-49-4     Penalty

SECTION 3-49-1                  PURPOSE.  The purpose of this ordinance is to assure the protection and maintenance of public health, safety and welfare in the operation of public dance halls. 

SECTION 3-49-2                  DEFINITIONS.  For use in this ordinance the following terms are defined:

1.)   The term “open to the public” shall mean a place in which dancing is engaged in or performed and to which the general public is admitted or in attendance; it does not include places that the general public is not free to enter and to which admittance is restricted to members of a group, a fraternal organization, or a religious or educational group.

2.)   The terms “dance” or “dancing” shall mean or shall include all ballroom, go-go and exhibition dancing.

3.)   The term “public dance hall” shall mean any place in which dancing is engaged or performed, even though the operator holds licenses as required by the laws of this state for the sale of food or the sale of beer or liquor.

SECTION 3-49-3                  DUTY TO PROVIDE SECURITY PERSON.  At all times during the hours when dancing is permitted the operator of a public dance hall shall, at their own expense, provide for a attendance of a security person whose purpose shall be to maintain law and order on the licensed premises and to provide for the public peace; such security person may be a reserve peace officer as defined by Chapter 80D of the 2008 Code of Iowa, or any person specially deputized for this purpose by the Chief of Police of this City. Such security person shall at all times while so employed wear for display a badge or other insignia providing identification.

SECTION 3-49-4                  PENALTY.  Anyone violating any of the provisions of this ordinance shall, upon conviction, be subject to imprisonment not exceeding thirty (30) days or a $100.00 fine.

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