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Chapter 90 – Deep Well Site Protection Regulations





Section 6-90-1             Purpose
Section 6-90-2             Description
Section 6-90-3             Prohibited Uses
Section 6-90-4             Penalty

SECTION 6-90-1                  PURPOSE.  The purpose of this chapter is to institute land use regulations and restrictions of the surrounding 200′ of land, protecting the City’s deep well #6 public water supply, and to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of the City of Belle Plaine.

SECTION 6-90-2                  DESCRIPTION.  For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this ordinance, the following described area shall be designated as the Belle Plaine Water System District.

All that land lying within the boundary of a circle of 200-foot radius, the center of which is the existing Well No. 6, centered Nineteen (19) feet West and Seventeen (17) feet North of the Southeast corner of Lot Fifty-four (54) of Dumont’s Addition to Belle Plaine, Iowa.

No building or premises shall be used and no building shall be erected except in conformity with the regulations prescribed herein for the district in which it is located.

SECTION 6-90-3                  PROHIBITED USES. The following uses within designated distances of the location of the well site shall be deemed to constitute a nuisance and shall not be permitted in the Belle Plaine Water System District.

                        1.)        Well house floor drains – 5 ft.

                        2.)        Water treatment plant wastes – 50 ft

                        3.)        Sanitary and industrial discharge – 200 ft.

                        4a.)      Floor drains from pump house to surface – none within 5 ft.                                

                                    (a)        5-10 ft. water main materials enclosed in concrete permitted.

                                    (b)        10-25 ft. must be water main material.

                                     (c)        25-75 ft. must be watertight sewer pipe.

                         4b.)      Floor drains to sewers, water plant wastes, storm or sanitary sewers or drains.

                                    (a)        None permitted within 25 ft.                       

                                    (b)        If closer than 75 and 200 ft., must be water main material.

                                    (c)        If between 75 and 200 ft. must be watertight sewer pipe.

                        4c.)      Force mains

                                  (a)        None permitted within 75 ft.

                                  (b)        If within 200 ft., must be water main materials.

                         5.)        Land application of solid water – 100 ft.

                         6.)        Irrigation of waste water – 100 ft.

                         7.)        Concrete vaults and septic tanks – 100 ft.

                         8.)        Mechanical wastewater treatment plants – 200 ft.

                         9.)        Cesspools and earth pit privies – 200 ft.

                         10.)      Soil absorption fields – 200 ft.

                         11.)      Lagoons – 200 ft.

                         12.)      Chemical application to ground surface – 100 ft.; above ground storage 100 ft., on or under ground 200 ft.

                         13.)      Animal pasturage – 50 ft.

                        14.)      Animal enclosure – 100 ft.

                         15.)      Animal wastes

                                     a.)        Land application of solids – 100 ft.

                                     b.)        Land application of liquid or slurry – 100 ft.

                                     c.)        Storage tanks – 100 ft.

                                     d.)        Solid stockpile – 200 ft.

                                     e.)        Storage basin or lagoon – 200 ft.

                         16.)      Earthen silage storage trench or pit – 100 ft.

                         17.)      Basements, pits, sumps 10 ft.

                         18.)      Flowing streams or other surface water bodies – 50 ft.

                         19.)      Cisterns – 50 ft.

                         20.)      Cemeteries – 200 ft.

                         21.)      Solid waste disposal sites – 200 ft.

                         22.)      Private wells – 200 ft.

 SECTION 6-90-4                  PENALTY.  Any persons violating any provision of this ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not to exceed conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00), or imprisonment not exceeding thirty days. Each day any of the above described nuisances exists constitutes a distinct and separate violation of this ordinance

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