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Chapter 44 – Fire Department





3-44-1              Fire Department Established
3-44-2              Regulations
3-44-3              Membership
3-44-4              Officers
3-44-5              Selecting Chief
3-44-6              Appointment of Chief
3-44-7              Obedience to Orders of Fire Chief
3-44-8              Penalty for Violation of Order by Fire Chief
3-44-9              Out of Town Fires
3-44-10            Compensation of Fire Chief and Engine Keeper


SECTION 3-44-1                  FIRE DEPARTMENT ESTABLISHED.  The City of Belle Plaine, Iowa, does hereby recognize and does hereby establish the present volunteer Fire Department of said city, together with the successors of the present members and present officers of such department and such companies, as and for the Fire Department of the City of  Belle Plaine, Iowa 

SECTION 3-44-2                  REGULATIONS.  The City of Belle Plaine, Iowa, does hereby recognize the by-laws, rules and regulations of the present Fire Department, as the same are now formulated by the members thereof and as same may hereafter be amended and altered, and does hereby recognize the right of said department, to determine their own procedure and to regulate the matter of their membership by such by-laws, rules and regulations so long as such by-laws, rules, regulations does not conflict with the ordinances of this City or the laws of the State of Iowa.

SECTION 3-44-3                  MEMBERSHIP.  The membership of the Fire Department hereby established shall at no time exceed forty members and shall determine its own membership, subject only to this restriction.

SECTION 3-44-4                  OFFICERS.  With the exception of the Chief of the Fire Department, all officers of the department shall be elected by the members thereof under such rules and regulations as the members thereof may provide, but no such officers shall enter upon their duties until their election has been certified to the City Council and has been approved by such Council.

SECTION 3-44-5                  SELECTING CHIEF.  The entire department shall hold a meeting at some time in the month of March in each year and shall ballot upon some member as chief; when the choice of the department has been thus expressed and determined, the result thereof shall be certified to the City Council, together with a recommendation that the person so designated shall be appointed Chief of the Fire Department for the ensuing year; the Council at its next regular meeting after the result has been so certified shall receive such recommendation and certification and shall act thereon as is hereinafter provided.

SECTION 3-44-6                  APPOINTMENT OF CHIEF.  The Chief of the Fire Department shall be appointed by the City Council on the first Monday in April of each year, or as soon thereafter as practicable, and shall hold his office for a term of one year from and after the first Monday in April in each year and until his successor is duly appointed. All appointments to the office of Chief of the Fire Department shall be made from the members of the Fire Department, and to enable the Council to make satisfactory appointment no person shall be appointed to said office who has not previously received the endorsement of the Fire Department as provided above.

SECTION 3-44-7                  OBEDIENCE TO ORDERS OF FIRE CHIEF.  If any person refuses or neglects to comply with his orders given as herein provided the Chief of the Fire Department may arrest such person, or order any other member of the department to arrest him, and may hold him in confinement until after the fire and bring proper charges against him. He may also summarily arrest, or order the arrest of any persons suspected of stealing during the progress of a fire or any person who in any way interferes with the operation of the department.

SECTION 3-44-8                  PENALTY FOR VIOLATION OF ORDER BY FIRE CHIEF.  Any person refusing or neglecting to comply with the orders and commands of the Chief of the Fire Department, issued under the provisions hereof, shall be considered guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not more than $100.00 and shall stand committed to the jail until such fine is paid, such imprisonment in no case to exceed 30 days.

SECTION 3-44-9                  OUT OF TOWN FIRES.  The Chief of the Fire Department or the officer in charge shall authorize or dispatch the fire equipment or a part thereof, and the personnel of the Fire Department or a portion thereof outside the corporate limits of the City of Belle Plaine, Iowa, and in the areas covered by the terms of a Joint Fire Agreement heretofore entered into by the City and the Board of Trustees of Kane, Iowa, Honey Creek, Salk Creek and Jefferson Townships.

The Chief of the Fire Department or the officer in charge shall also authorize the dispatch of fire equipment to other cities with which the City of Belle Plaine has mutual aid agreements. Those cities are: Blairstown, Chelsea, Elberon, Marengo, Victor and Luzerne.

SECTION 3-44-10                COMPENSATION OF FIRE CHIEF AND ENGINE KEEPER.  The Chief of the Fire Department and the Engine Keeper of said Fire Department shall receive as compensation for their services such sums as the Council shall from time to time prescribe by resolution

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