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Chapter 88 – Numbering of Buildings





6-88-1              Plan
6-88-2              Base Lines
6-88-3              Arrangement of Numbers
6-88-4              Business Section
6-88-5              Residence Section
6-88-6              Numbers – How Painted
6-88-7              Penalty and Procedure by City

SECTION  6-88-1                 PLAN.  All the buildings now or hereafter erected and fronting the public streets or avenue within the corporate limits of the City of Belle Plaine, Iowa, shall be numbered, and the plan of numbering said buildings shall so far as practicable be as follows: the owners, agents, or occupants shall cause the said numbers in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance, to be placed on their property and maintained.

SECTION 6-88-2                  BASE LINES.  First Street and First Avenue as they now exist or would exist if extended to the limits of the corporation, shall constitute the base lines from which the numbering of buildings fronting or situated on streets extending north or east from either of said streets and on either side thereof.

SECTION 6-88-3                  ARRANGMENT OF NUMBERS.  The odd numbers shall be on the right-hand or south side of the streets commencing at First Avenue and going east, and on the right-hand or east side of the avenues beginning with First Street and going north, and the even numbers shall be on the opposite side of said streets respectively as heretofore  referred to alternately from side to side, said numbers being 100 to each block, or the distance between two street intersections on the same street estimating as blocks that territory which would constitute a block if present streets and avenues were extended. Where the streets intersecting on opposite sides are not the same, the numbers shall run in each case to the street intersecting on the side being numbered.

SECTION 6-88-4                  BUSINESS SECTION.  In the business portion of the City the numbers shall be for each twenty-five feet except when lots vary from twenty-five feet, in which event such lots or business houses shall be numbered to conform to the size of the lot. Wherever a parcel of land of less than fifteen feet in width occurs, it shall be designated by the number before it with ½ added.

SECTION 6-88-5                  RESIDENCE SECTION.  

             (1)   Except as modified by paragraph (B) hereof, in the residence portion of the city the numbers shall be for each sixty feet of ground. Wherever the lots are less than thirty feet            in the residence district the lots or residences shall be designated by the number before it and the figure ½ added.

             (2)   In the Country Club Addition to said city the lots shall be numbered as shown on a map attached hereto, marked Exhibit “A” for reference and by said reference made a part thereof, anything to the contrary contained in any ordinance of this City notwithstanding.

 SECTION 6-88-6                  NUMBERS – HOW PAINTED.  The numbers shall be painted conspicuously on pieces of tin not less than two inches wide by three inches long, and shall be nailed to the first story front of all buildings in the City, or the numbers may be painted on the front of the building, door, post, transom, etc., on the premises of such lot owners, or other suitable numbers made of wood or metal may be used, but each and every owner of every building is required to place a number thereon in plain view.

 SECTION 6-88-7                  PENALTY AND PROCEDURE BY CITY.  If the owner or owners or lessees of any building now or hereafter erected within the city limits shall fail, refuse or neglect to number the same promptly as herein before required, or to renumber the same when necessary, the Public Works Director shall report such fact to the City Council, who may by resolution order such buildings to be numbered or renumbered, and cause a notice of such order to be given by one publication in one newspaper of general circulation within the City, which notice shall specify as definitely as practicable for identification, the buildings so ordered to be numbered or renumbered within ten days after publication of such notice. If such buildings or any one of them shall not have been numbered or renumbered as hereinbefore required within ten days after the completed publication of such notice, the Public Works Director shall proceed to cause the same to be done and shall return to the Council a statement of the costs of such work together with a description of the premises whereon buildings so numbered or renumbered are located. Such reported costs shall include all expenses connected with such numbering or renumbering, provided that personal service of notice may be substituted for the notice by publication hereinbefore provided for. All such costs and expenses shall be assessed against property or premises numbered or renumbered and enforced and collected as other special assessments.

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