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Chapter 71 – Planning & Zoning Board





5-71-1              City Planning and Zoning Board Established
5-71-2              Appointment of Members
5-71-3              Qualifications of Board Members
5-71-4              Vacancies
5-71-5              Organization of the Board
5-71-6              Appropriation and Expenditures of Funds
5-71-7              Annual Report
5-71-8              Power and Duties of the Board
5-71-9              Approval of Plats, Street or Park Improvements
5-71-10            City Plan
5-71-11            Amendment to Plan
5-71-12            Meetings
5-71-13            Abolishment               

SECTION 5-71-1                  CITY PLANNING AND ZONING BOARD ESTABLISHED.  The City Planning and Zoning Board consisting of five members is hereby established.

SECTION 5-71-2                  APPOINTMENT OF MEMBERS.  The Mayor subject to the approval of the Council shall appoint members of the City Planning and Zoning Board who shall hold office for a term of five years.

SECTION 5-71-3                  QUALIFICATIONS OF BOARD MEMBERS.  Each Board member shall be a citizen of the municipality, shall not hold any elective or appointive office in the municipality, and shall be qualified by knowledge and experience to act in matters relating to the development of a city plan.

SECTION 5-71-4                  VACANCIES.  The Mayor subject to the approval of the Council shall fill any vacancy in the membership of the Board by appointing a successor for the residue of the term.

SECTION 5-71-5                  ORGANIZATION OF THE BOARD.  The City Planning and Zoning Board shall organize annually at its first regular meeting, electing one of its members as chairman; another as vice-chairman, who shall perform the duties of a chairman in the absence or inability of the chairman; and a secretary who shall keep all records, reports, plans and other data, or cause the same to be done.

SECTION 5-71-6                  APPROPRIATION AND EXPENDITURE OF FUNDS.  The Council may annually appropriate from the General Fund such sums of money as shall be deemed sufficient by the City Council to meet the expense of such Board. Gifts, donations and payments received by the City for plan purposes shall be place in the General Fund. The General Fund shall be under the full control of the Board to expend for and in behalf of the municipality but the Board shall contract no debts or obligations beyond the income of the current year. Board members shall serve without compensation except expenses.

SECTION 5-71-7                  ANNUAL REPORT.  The Planning and Zoning Board shall make an annual report to the City Council and Mayor of the progress of the work of the Board.

SECTION 5-71-8                  POWER AND DUTIES OF THE BOARD.  The City Planning and Zoning Board shall have such powers to make and prepare surveys, studies, maps, charts and plans relating to parts of the municipality and land outside, which may relate to any such plan, as provided by law. The Board shall approve the location, plan site, and general structure of any public building, bridge, viaduct, street, fixture, work of art, memorial or statuary in any public place; and no permit shall be issued therefore until the structure, design and proposed location are first approved by the City Planning and Zoning Board.

SECTION 5-71-9                  APPROVAL OF PLATS, STREET OR PARK IMPROVEMENTS.  The Board shall approve all plats and plans for additions to the municipality, the subdivision or resubdivision of lots or land within or added to the municipality, the location and platting of streets for public use, and shall first approve any proposal for the vacation or partial vacation of any street, park, parkway, boulevard, traffic way, or other improvement affecting the City Plan which shall first be submitted to the City Planning and Zoning Board, and said Planning and Zoning board shall within thirty (30) days file its written recommendations thereon.

SECTION 5-71-10                CITY PLAN.  The City Planning and Zoning Board shall make comprehensive studies for the general purpose of guiding and accomplishing a coordinated and harmonious development of the municipality to best promote the health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity and general welfare of the municipality along the lines of efficiency and economy. The Board shall give a public hearing on any city plan or parts or amendments to a city plan proposed for adoption by publishing notice of such hearing in a newspaper of general circulation in the municipality at least ten (10) days prior to the date of such hearing. The city plan and all amendments thereto shall be adopted by resolution receiving at least a two-thirds affirmative vote of the Board. An attested copy of such plan shall then be certified to the City Council, and when approved by the Council it shall constitute the official city plan of the municipality.

SECTION 5-71-11                AMENDMENT TO PLAN.  Any substantial amendment or modification of the official city plan shall first be submitted to the Board for approval. No change disapproved by the Board shall be made by the City Council except by a three-fourths vote of the entire membership of the Council.

SECTION 5-71-12                MEETINGS.  The City Planning and Zoning Board meeting shall be held at the call of the chairperson and at such other times as the Board may determine. Joint meetings of the Board and City Council shall also be held upon call of the Mayor or upon call of three members of the City Council, said call to be made orally or in writing not less than twenty-four (24) hours in advance of said joint meeting.

SECTION 5-71-13                ABOLISHMENT.  This Board may be abolished by ordinance of the City of Belle Plaine, and the Board shall stand abolished sixty (60) days from the date of such ordinance.

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