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Chapter 20 – Police Department

Chapter 20 – Police Department




2-20-1              Police Department Establishment
2-20-2              Residency Requirements
2-20-3              Uniforms and Badges

2-20-4               Special Circumstances

SECTION 2-20-1                  POLICE DEPARTMENT ESTABLISHMENT.  There is hereby established the Police Department of the City of Belle Plaine, Iowa, which shall consist of a Chief of Police and such additional police as the Council may authorize. The Mayor or his designee may deputize persons to serve as additional police officers and police matrons when circumstances so require.

SECTION 2-20-2                  RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS. To ensure the ability of a police officer to respond to calls for emergency duty within a reasonable time, the Chief of Police and the City Council shall consider for appointment and approval of full-time Police Department personnel only those who live within seven miles of the city limits of Belle Plaine, the City Council of Belle Plaine may waive the residency requirement if they approve the officer for Special Circumstances as set out in Section 2-20-4 below by a majority vote of the council.  The Chief of Police of the City of Belle Plaine is required as a condition of their employment to reside within the city limits of the City of Belle Plaine.

SECTION 2-20-3                  UNIFORMS AND BADGES.  Each member of the Police Department while in serving the regular hours of duty assigned to him shall at all times wear a uniform garment and in plain view a metal badge engraved with the name of his office

Section 2-20-4 SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES.  The city council of Belle Plaine, on a case by case basis, may approve an officer to reside outside the seven mile limit from the city limits of Belle Plaine if they vote to approve the existence of special circumstances for the officer in question.  This finding of Special Circumstance must be one that makes the meeting of the residency requirement overly burdensome or economically impossible.  As part of the finding of special circumstance the City of Belle Plaine may at the City Council’s discretion require the officer to sign a contract for employment that may specify the length of employment.

Repealer.  All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict with the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed.

Effective Date.  This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after the passage and publication as required by statue.

          Passed and approved this 3rd  day of August, 2015.

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