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Chapter 41 – Regulation and Use of Streets & Sidewalks





3-41-1     Obstructing Streets
3-41-2     Placing Glass on Street or Sidewalk
3-41-3     Littering Streets and Sidewalks
3-41-4     Depositing Foreign Materials on Streets and Sidewalks
3-41-5     Water Running Across Sidewalks
3-41-6     Openings in Sidewalks or Streets
3-41-7     Guarding Openings
3-41-8     Curb Cuts for Drives and Establishing Policy
3-41-9     Paving Private Access Drives – Notice to Director of Public Works
3-41-10    Prohibiting the Deposit of Snow, Sleet and Ice in Public Street or Drives
3-41-11    Regulating Commercial Snow Removal Services


SECTION 3-41-1                  OBSTRUCTING STREETS.  It shall be unlawful for any person within the corporate limits of said City to in any way obstruct any street, alley, sidewalk, or other public place by placing therein or thereon any stone, lumber, brick, wood, or other thing, or by making or causing to be made therein any excavation or by removing or causing to be removed any gutter crossing surface of wood, metal or concrete.

SECTION 3-41-2                  PLACING GLASS ON STREET OR SIDEWALK.  It shall be unlawful for any person within the corporate limits of this City to throw or place in any street, sidewalk or public place within the City any broken glass, glass bottles, or other articles of glass, tacks, nails, or any other sharp pointed materials, substances or things.

SECTION 3-41-3                  LITTERING STREETS AND SIDEWALKS. It shall be unlawful for any person within the corporate limits of this City to throw, deposit, or cause to be thrown or deposited, and without promptly removing the same, any leaves and grass or weed clippings, paper, cards, trash or rubbish, advertisements or the like into any street, alley, sidewalk or other public place within the City.

SECTION 3-41-4                  DEPOSITING FOREIGN MATERIALS ON STREETS AND SIDEWALKS.  It shall be unlawful for any person within the corporate limits of this City to haul, carry or convey any dirt, manure, shavings, cinders, stone, sand, wood, hay, straw, ashes, trash, garbage, or other substance on, over or across any paved street or alley in any wagon or other vehicle which is so constructed as to allow any portion thereof to fall or be deposited upon any portion of such street, alley or sidewalk.

SECTION 3-41-5                  WATER RUNNING ACROSS SIDEWALKS.  It shall be unlawful for the owner or occupant of any building within the corporate limits of this City to cause or permit the water from the eaves of any building or from any other source to flow over or spread out upon any public sidewalk in front of or along such building or other premises.

SECTION 3-41-6                  OPENINGS IN SIDEWALKS OR STREETS.  It shall be unlawful for any person to open, dig or excavate any hole or opening in any street, alley or sidewalk in this City without first obtaining permission from the City Administrator or Public Works Director.

SECTION 3-41-7                  GUARDING OPENINGS.  It shall be unlawful for any person within the corporate limits of this City to leave or keep open, allow to be open, any excavation, hole or vault in, on or under any street, alley, or sidewalk and fail to guard and protect same so that any persons passing, riding, or driving near such excavation shall be endangered.

SECTION 3-41-8                  CURB CUTS FOR DRIVES AND ESTABLISHING POLICY FOR PAVING.  No street curbs shall be cut or removed without express approval to the owner or contractor from the Director of Public Works; it shall be the policy of the City when application is made for authority to cut or remove street curbs to required paving of any private access drive from the curb to the sidewalk or to the abutting owner’s property line; no approval to cut or remove curbs shall be granted by the Director unless such cutting, removing and installation of a private drive is made in compliance with the specifications (both printed and drawn) identified on the attachment marked Exhibit 1.

SECTION 3-41-9                  PAVING PRIVATE ACCESS DRIVES-NOTIE TO DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS.  No concrete shall be poured for paving of private access drives (between the curb and the adjacent property line) until notice has been given to the Director of Public Works and the Director has had an opportunity to determine if such paving is in compliance with the ordinances of the City of Belle Plaine.

SECTION 3-41-10                PROHIBITING THE DEPOSIT OF SNOW, SLEET AND ICE IN PUBLIC STREET OR DRIVES.  It shall be unlawful to move or remove snow by depositing it in the traveled portion of the right-of-way of any street, avenue or alley or upon any public sidewalk or any public or private access drive. This restriction shall not apply to employees of the City of Belle Plaine in connection with clearing snow from public areas.

SECTION 3-41-11                REGULATING COMMERCIAL SNOW REMOVAL SERVICES.  All persons owning or operating a business which engages in snow removal shall be required to have a Commercial Snow Removal Permit from the City of Belle Plaine, Iowa. This permit shall be granted at the discretion of the City Council and all applicants for a Commercial Removal Permit shall complete the City’s application form and shall post with the City proving effective liability insurance or a permit bond in the sum of $5,000.00 to the City of Belle Plaine, Iowa; said permit bond shall be with one or more sureties to be approved by the City Council and conditioned on the faithful performance of all duties required by City ordinance and the rules and regulations of the City of Belle Plaine for removal of snow and for surety for personal injury or property damage incurred in the operation of snow removal equipment.

As used in this ordinance, “Commercial Snow Removal” shall mean any person, firm, or corporation moving or removing snow, ice, or sleet for compensation.

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