Proud to be selected a Main Street Iowa Community in 2008
Career, family, home . . . Belle Plaine offers a great place to come home to. Quiet street with a friendly wave . . . a place where the neighbors know your name.
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Business Directory Alphabetical

Accelerated Rehab Center 509-13th St  Ste B 434-6150
Ambulance Service 1308 1/2 -13th St 444-3334
Americ Service & Repair 501-6th St 444-2507
American Legion 1008-12th St 444-2785
Annette’s Styling Hutch 719-12th St 444-3277
Area Substance Abuse Council 708-12th St 444-4309
Barron Motor Supply 802-12th St 444-2021
Belle Plaine Ambulance Garage 1308 1/2-13th St 444-3808
Belle Plaine Area Museum 901-12th St 434-6093
Belle Plaine Bowl 1308-13th St 444-2720
Belle Plaine Car Wash 1310-13th St 444-3549
Belle Plaine City of        
City Hall     1207-8th Ave   444-2200
Fire Emergency   504-13th St   911
Fire Station   504-13th St   444-2344
Parks & Recreation   1207-8th Ave   444-2200
Police non-emergency  1207-8th Ave   444-2323 
Public Works   1207-8th Ave   444-2200
Sewer Treatment Plant   Hwy 21   444-3251
Street Dept     806-3rd Ave   444-2407
Swimming Pool   Franklin Park   444-3955
Belle Plaine Chiropractic 732-12th St  444-2555
Belle Plaine Computers  813-12th St 434-6379
Belle Plaine Community Center 1304-5th Ave 444-3135
Belle Plaine Community Development 826-12th St 434-6481
Belle Plaine Community Library 904-12th St 444-2902
Belle Paine Country Club 1911-13th Ave 444-3113
Belle Plaine Dental 804-12th St 444-3343
Belle Plaine Family Practice 1010-8th Ave  444-2840
Belle Plaine Inn coming soon 
Belle Plaine Furniture  727-12th St 
Belle Plaine Lumber  509-13th St 444-2540
Belle Plaine Nursery 506-4th Ave 444-3021
Belle Plaine Nursing & Rehab  1505 Sunset Dr 444-2500
Belle Plaine Post Office 1008-13th St 444-2340
Belle Plaine Schools – Admin 707-7th St 444-3611
Belle Plaine Storage Co 401-3rd Ave 444-2790
Belle Plaine Western Exchange 102-8th St 444-2320
Benton Co Volunteer Program 1309-5th Ave 434-6078
By The Cup  817-12th St  444-7089
CarQuest Auto Parts 703-12th St 444-2747
Cars”R”uss Auto Body 404-3rd St 444-3131
Casey’s General Store 907-13th St 444-9909
Catering Shop, The 815-12th St 434-6030
Chelsea Savings Bank 609-13th St 444-3144
Chicago NW Railroad 13th St 444-2456
Christian Fellowship Church 1009-7th Ave 444-3336
Christ United Methodist Church 708-15th St 444-2410
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 1514 1st Ave 444-3685
Coon Creek Telecommunications 888-823-6234
Connie’s Hairvana 805-12th St 434-6368
Cornbelt Video & Bookstore 832-12th St  444-7007
Cornerstone Apothecary 731-12th St  444-2290
Corey’s Truck & Tire 1804 Hwy 21 434-6137
Country Foods 1206-7th Ave 444-2624
Countryside Veterinary Clinic 3622 Hwy 21 444-3020
D & M Car Wash 606-3rd Ave 444-3477
Dept of Corrrection Services 708-12th St  444-3003
Dollar General 1406 Sunset Dr 444-4187
Double Take Design 823-12th St  444-2082
Drahn Insurance Agency 821-13th St 444-3109
Drahos Shoe Store 722-12th St 444-2707
Drivers License Station 1309-5th Ave 444-2019
East Side Body Shop 1306-13th St 444-3366
Ehlen Plumbing & Heating 1808-8th Ave 444-2229
Faith Baptist Church 1168-78th St Trl 444-2966
First Congregational Church 1400-8th Ave 444-2342
First Lutheran Church 1523 Sunset Dr 444-2849
Friedman Distributing 606-3rd Ave 444-3150
Friedman Farm Supply 606-3rd Ave 444-3477
Garden Gate Framing  604-17th St 444-2086
Garling Construction 1120-11th St 444-3409
Genesis Development 708-12th St  444-3211
Grama Putts Fabric Garden  712-12th St 563-260-0089
Grand Central Station 803-12th St 434-6385
Great Life Fitness 1303-2nd Ave 434-6141
Grieder Beverage Depot 708-12th St  434-6443
Grieder Standard Service 701-13th St 444-2945
H & L Repair 408-3rd St 444-4422
Hair Hut 901-13th St 444-3898
Hamilton Construction 1514 Sunset Dr 444-1059
Harris Greenhouse Garden Center  809-7th St 444-3001
Hartig Drug 810-12th St 444-2480
Hrabak Funeral Home  1704-7th Ave 444-2240
Ice House Drive-In 1111-7th Ave 444-4444
Iowa Metal Products 1108-11th St 434-6162
Iowa Mold and Engineering 401-3rd St 444-2221
Iowa Pheasants & More Hunting Lodge 1728-78th St Dr 444-3912
Iowa Telecom 877-901-4692
John Grieder Motor Co 409-13th St 444-2259
Johnson Insurance 1567-13th St 444-2255
Judi’s His & Hers Design 1206-8th Ave  444-3449
KDM Car Wash 606-3rd St 444-3477
Kalina Insurance Agency 1213-9th Ave 444-2078
King Theatre 720-12th St 434-6025
Kirkwood Comm College Center 1214-9th Ave 444-2549
Kollmorgen,Schlue & Zahradnik Lawyers 920-12th St 444-3285
Kreative Kuts 819-12th St  319-540-6148
Lincoln Café  1214-8th Ave 444-2228
 Lincoln Way Spa  7174-12th St  319-361-7070
MPC Newspapers 502-7th Ave 444-2520
Manatt’s 300-1st Ave 444-2820
Marilyn’s Beauty Shop 1075-77th St 444-2257
Masonic Community Center 805-11th St 444-3006
Midwest One Bank  802-13th St  444-2842
New 2 You  828-12th St  540-7306
Norgaard, Anders J  PC 801-12th St 444-2481
Oasis Bar & Grill 728-12th St 444-1002
Office Tap 825-12th St 444-2846
Peddlers Depot 723-12th St  444-7084
Pierce Lumber 1629-13th St 444-2933
Pizza Hut 1304-7th Ave 444-3555
Post Office  1008-13th St  444-2340
Precision Sheet Metal 1518-13th St  434-6343
Precision SOYA of Iowa 205-8th St 444-2001
Quality Customized Cleaning  402-8th St  444-7111
Radio Shack 810-12th St 444-2480
Roth TV & Appliance 1006-12th St 444-3421
RPW 1502-13th St 444-3058
St Michael’s Cathloic Church 1304-9th Ave 444-3106
Sankot Implement 807-13th St 444-2262
Scott Schild Inc 1510 Hwy 21 444-3355
Storm Realty 1206-8th Ave 444-3749
Stratford, Marie L  CPA 721-12th St 444-3322
Stying With Trish 713-12th St  444-4058
Subway  509-13th St 434-7827
The Cobblestone  1200-13th St  641-990-6731
The Red Door Consignment 832-12th St  444-7007
The Star Press Union  502-7th Ave  444-2520
Thys Motor Company 210-7th Ave  444-2163
Timber Gate Gardens-Wedding  Florals 204-13th St  444-2552
Town & Country Wholesale 1102-12th St 444-2905
True Value Hardware 827-12th St 444-2541
Tubaugh Auction Co 1702-8th Ave 444-2413
Ultra Clean Co 602-15th St 444-4111
US Cellular 827-12th St  434-6121
Veit’s Auto Repair 1002-3rd Ave  444-2040
Vogel Pioneer Warehouse  1596 Hwy 21  444-3768
Voice of Belle Plaine  radio station  322-8627
Walter Family Chiropractic  502-8th St 444-3515
Wave Station  1208-8th Ave 434-6144
Weeda Auction 505-6th St 444-3325
Weeda Realty 505-6th St 444-2779
 Wittrock T-shirts  723-12th St  434-6470
Your Memories Photography  702-12th St 444-2299
Zip Mart 702-13th St 444-4050

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